Blaue Frau workshop with Mimie Märak

Dramalabbet hosts Blaue Fraus workshop with Mimie Märak the 6,7 th of October.
Blaue Frau is in their fourth series of workshops supported by KULTURKONTAKT NORD. The workshop will be conducted in English, and FREE of charge. The topics are norm critic, racism and hate.

Day 1:
– The workshop is based on a lecture about humans as consumers connected to authority and love in relation to social structures and to nature. The participants will also take part in ideas of norms criticism and how we through activism can create a society where everyone has the right to exist and under the same conditions.
– What values the lecture is based on, which also are the rules of the workshop, is explained.
– The participants will have the opportunity to formulate their individual pre-knowledge/ theories / thoughts in relation to the theme of the workshop – and discuss it in groups.
– We will look at the movie “It gets better” – Which is about surviving, using whatever method works for you, without hurting anyone.

Questions related to the film and the workshops theme is given.

Day 2:
– We will talk about the movie “It gets better” based on the question the participants got day 1.
– Developed discussion on activism. How can people in their everyday engage in activism?
– Writing exercise linked to the workshop’s theme.
– Activity connected to the pre-knowledge check in day 1. What participants have learned during the workshop? What do they want to take with them? What they want to know more about?

Mimie Marak is a poet, feminist, indigenous person, Sami queer activist in constant evolution, etc. She stands in front of her brothers and sisters to do right by Europe’s only indigenous people. Her passion and activism is expressed through various art forms, poetry in the form of text and rhythmic speech, theatre and dance among others.

Thursday 6.10.2016 kl 10 – 15.00
Friday 7.10.2016 kl 10 – 15.00

Östgöta Mariankatu 2
116 25 Stockholm

We have a limited amount of places, so please sign up at!!

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