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Sveriges scen för ny dramatik

Dramalabbet – Sweden’s stage for new drama

Dramalabbet is an independent theatre group that runs a performance space close to Mosebacke Torg in central Stockholm. The theatre was founded in 1998. Dramalabbet strives to be a non-hierarchical organization in which the members play an important and active role. All activities are run by a steering committee. Dramalabbet’s mission is to develop and nurture new dramatic writing, to create a space for untold stories and to provide a platform for the playwrights of tomorrow. Our primary focus is on full-scale production, but readings, workshops, a playwrights’ circle and our open dramaturgy department are other essential ingredients.

Dramatic Laboratory Network has since 2009 been an important part of our activities. Through DLN we now also produce international work; plays by emerging playwrights from other countries performed for the first time in Sweden.

Dramalabbet is one of the few greenhouses in Sweden for new dramatic talent.